Your organization is merging. A few years ago, you invested heavily in a new website. But now you're facing expanded activities, new objectives, priorities, a new corporate identity, and a name change. What do you do with that site? Discard, write off, and have a completely new one built? If that website is sustainably built, there's no need for that.


A few years ago, we developed a tailor-made website for Museon, meeting all expectations. This site would normally have remained functional for many years, yet sometimes plans change and organizations evolve.

Responding to Merger Plans

When Museon announced merger plans, they considered whether their recent site could be modified. Building an entirely new site seemed unnecessary. We specialize in adapting sites, even in cases of significant reorganization.

Technical Adjustments and Challenges

Despite the complexity of Museon's site, we were capable of restructuring it to meet the new requirements of the merger. Our approach focused on flexibility and adaptability within the existing framework.

Our Design Philosophy

Our 'artisan web design' includes a solid base structure that facilitates future expansions. It requires investments in time and thought, providing a strong foundation for both building and rebuilding. This philosophy enables us to deliver sustainable and adaptable websites.

Partnership and Foresight:

Our close collaboration with Museon and Omniversum allowed us to thoroughly understand their needs and develop a detailed strategy for site modification. Their comprehensive analysis of the current site aided us in making efficient adjustments and providing strategic advice.

Thanks to this partnership, we were able to accurately estimate the required time, resources, and costs. This enabled the new organization to optimize their planning, resulting in a win-win situation.

Mergers bring significant changes, not just in name, but also in teams, missions, strategies, and priorities. Our early involvement ensured that we could quickly respond to new ideas and changing plans, allowing us to offer proactive advice and adjustments.

When a change occurred just before the construction phase, we quickly adapted. We revised the budget, adjusted the schedule, and proceeded with the project.

What we have done:

  • Advice
  • Planning and budget for several scenario's
  • Redesign for name change to One Planet
  • API with ticketing
  • Upgrade to Bolt 5
  • Adding extra features
  • Data migration
  • Creating sneak preview for the press (HTML )
  • maintenance

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