Into The Great Wide Open" (ITGWO) creates a unique symphony of culture and nature on the Wadden Islands. This festival transcends the traditional music scene by intertwining a rich mix of art, literature, and film with harmonic sounds. Nestled in a setting of natural beauty, ITGWO offers an enriching experience that immerses visitors in a world of serenity, creativity, and cultural diversity. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation, ITGWO represents a progressive force in the festival landscape, making each event a paragon of responsibility and inspiration.

Into The Great Wide Open: A Harmony of Culture and Sustainability

Two Kings proudly presents our collaboration with "Into The Great Wide Open" (ITGWO), a festival that goes beyond just music. Located on the idyllic Wadden Islands, ITGWO is an experience where art, literature, and film merge with melodious sounds, all under the umbrella of sustainability and innovation.

The Challenge

ITGWO is not just any festival; it's a multisensory experience that targets an audience seeking depth, tranquility, and diversity. Organized by a non-profit foundation, the festival aims to provide a responsible and sustainably produced event, standing as a force for change in the industry.

Our Approach

At Two Kings, we created a digital environment that captures the unique atmosphere of Vlieland. We ensured that the website not only shows the expanse of the festival but also serves as a digital stage for the diverse and authentic artists who form the essence of ITGWO. Our developers and designers worked closely with the festival team to ensure a seamless integration of their sustainable vision and artistic soul into their online presence.

The Result

The ITGWO website is a testament to our expertise in creating customized, accessible, and aesthetically attractive platforms that reflect our clients' values. Utilizing green hosting solutions and a design that highlights the natural beauty of Vlieland, we have created a site that not only enriches the festival experience but also informs visitors about the festival's sustainability efforts.

Future Vision

In addition to maintaining the current site, we continue to collaborate with ITGWO to refine and expand the digital experience for visitors annually, maintaining their ethos of innovation and sustainability at the forefront of festival culture.

Our work for ITGWO:

  • Building website and design implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Advice

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